Sad, Sad News

My good friend, mentor, and all around nice guy Donnie Walker passed away from diabetic complications. Donnie not only was my computer guru that I turned to for advice about computers, but he was also a fellow cartoonist, and gave me a big morale boost to help me continue drawing when I was down in the dumps (which was often). He inspired me on so many levels, that I only realize after his passing just what a great influence he was on me.

Wherever you are Donnie, you are missed.

Donnie Walker, circa 2014
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Not Too Good…

Well, maybe you know, and maybe you don’t.

I have been fighting depression for a number of years, and I guess I am just going through a dip right now.

I am still drawing, but it is with great effort.  I hope to get another Zap-Man book out in a month or so, but we will see.

But hang in there, Zapohiles… Lord knows I”M trying to…

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Alive…still alive…

Yep, I am still among the living. I am tattered, worn, and torn from the current events in my life, which is not helped by my depressive state and ill health within the family, but I am struggling to continue my creative endeavors.  I drew this for Halloween 2017, but didn’t finish it quite in time. This is not meant for any project in particular, I just felt the need to draw something…anything.  Hope you like it Zapophiles! 

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Have Faith, Ye Zapophiles!

My life has been a “Perfect Storm” of events causing me turmoil and anxiety. I have not been doing much of any kind of art as I transition through this phase. I am simply too emotionally exhausted. I hope things will resume a more normal course of action in the next few months- until then I make notes and try to keep a good frame of mind- at least the best I can.

Being a one man operation has both pros and cons- but rest assured, I will continue putting out issues of Zap-man …my mental health depends on it!

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I’m Still Around!

Yes, I have been keeping a pretty low profile lately.  Not by choice- I am having a hell of a roller coaster life right now, and things will not be better for months.

The good news I am making progress on returning to “normal”.

The bad news- my art has slowed down. I don’t have access to all my art equipment, my personal space is limited, and my emotional state is frazzled. 

I will be back- one positive side note-  I am taking notes on a new story arc for Zappy that will make a lot of Zapophiles very happy!  

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