Alive…still alive…

Yep, I am still among the living. I am tattered, worn, and torn from the current events in my life, which is not helped by my depressive state and ill health within the family, but I am struggling to continue my creative endeavors.  I drew this for Halloween 2017, but didn’t finish it quite in time. This is not meant for any project in particular, I just felt the need to draw something…anything.  Hope you like it Zapophiles! 

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Author: Steve
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I was born a long time ago in a land now fallen into decay and ruin. Early on it was observed that I had a love for art, often getting reprimands from teachers that I should be doing my assignment instead of doodling. Despite this, I was still a fairly good student, and continued on to not only graduate from grade school, but also high school and, eventually, college (with a dual major in Fine Art as well as Visual Art). I have worked a variety of jobs, finally settling into a position in the mail fulfillment business, where I have been for over 25 years. Illness has sent me away from one path, and I now spend more time at home. I have returned to drawing as a form of therapy, and it is helping me keep my mind more at ease. So in this regard, I guess I should be happy that my inability to be around people translates to me being able to do more drawing to settle my emotional state. Hang around, and drop in to help me through this SAD and Depression... I will do my best to entertain you, as well as keep myself upbeat.

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