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I was born a long time ago in a land now fallen into decay and ruin. Early on it was observed that I had a love for art, often getting reprimands from teachers that I should be doing my assignment instead of doodling. Despite this, I was still a fairly good student, and continued on to not only graduate from grade school, but also high school and, eventually, college (with a dual major in Fine Art as well as Visual Art). I have worked a variety of jobs, finally settling into a position in the mail fulfillment business, where I have been for over 25 years. Illness has sent me away from one path, and I now spend more time at home. I have returned to drawing as a form of therapy, and it is helping me keep my mind more at ease. So in this regard, I guess I should be happy that my inability to be around people translates to me being able to do more drawing to settle my emotional state. Hang around, and drop in to help me through this SAD and Depression... I will do my best to entertain you, as well as keep myself upbeat.

Zappy’s Main Squeeze


 In the near, upcoming chapters we will be introduced to one of Zap-Man’s new main characters- Becky Blake, roving reporter.

The sexual tension between them will begin almost at once, and as the chapters proceed, you, the reader, will be in for a treat as the two of them share -perhaps- more than just a few rollicking adventures!

Despite the usual personal bumps in the road this week, I continue with my writing and drawing.  The previous chapter is finished, and I am starting on my next chapter.

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Progress Continues



Just a little illustration to let everyone know I am still out and about!

I am building up a reserve of Zapman chapters before I actually kick off the website officially – I want at least 5 or so chapters in the wings to handle any possible delays that could occur in my private life.  I have two done and am working on the third.  If all goes well I will have the third one finished this weekend.

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Return Of the Killer Teddy Bears



Yep, those lovable Teddy Bears last seen in an old issue of Essar Comics have somehow returned to inflict pain and suffering on mankind.

How did these sharp clawed, razor fanged stuffed toys from Hell make the journey from Santa’s Workshop, traveling thousands of miles?  For that matter, why?  As the horde of blood thirsty destructive…things… move from place to place in search of some unknown destination, they leave death and destruction in their wake.

Enter Zap-Man, newly created, still feeling out his new powers, and being tested to his limits as the fuzzy, monstrously cute playthings try to cut him to pieces.  Can even Zappy handle these tiny terrors?

The story is still a ways off in the future, but it is the first tale I have in mind that will be derived from my old Essar Comics series from the 1980’s.

Steve B.

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The Weekly Chapters Of The Awesome Zap-Man!




Over 40 years ago I was struck by lightning.  The power of it drove me to my knees and I think I blacked out for a few months (well, maybe just walking around in a daze), and ultimately I knew that I had been changed forever.

Ok, the “lightning” I refer to was when I created the hero Zap-Man while I was in grade school, drawing the tongue-in-cheek adventures on ruled notebook paper and shared with my classmates.  I really can’t say what caused me to want to draw the adventures of this noseless guy, just that it seemed the thing to do.  I continued to draw his adventures all through high school, and even self-published eight issues of his heroic antics in the 1980’s.

But my Zap-Man, like my dreams, has refused to die, and now that the computer age is here I am going to continue his adventures for as long as I can.  Once a week I will publish another small chapter of the life of Frinin Paznam (aka Zap-Man), while at the same time adding some commentary on my blog about, well, a variety of things.

This web comic has not officially started, so anyone reading this should not get disappointed if they don’t see much happening for a month or two.  As they say, this site is under construction, so please pardon our dust.

Please check back periodically.  When the chapters do start, it will be a wild ride!

Steve B.


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