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Hwilldrawi everyone!

Don’t panic!  My comics are still FREE!  And WEEKLY!  

So what is this Patreon thing all about?  Why am I rattling a tin cup and selling pencils on a street corner (or standing on the side of a road with a cardboard sign)?

Well, I think those of you who know me realize that I have taken a big personal cut in pay to pursue my dream.  I accept that, and am able to survive well enough with some savings and occasional odd jobs.  But there was one thing I failed to realize- my ability to improve my art equipment will be VERY slow without additional funds.  I would love to go to a larger format of drawing  – meaning I draw larger originals, and then that art is shrunk down, giving the work an even nicer and more polished look.  As it is now all my work is done to accommodate the equipment I own, and that is all in a standard 8.5 X 11 format. Yes, I draw everything on (gasp) 8.5 X 11 paper.  


 I am hoping that through Patreon I will be able to ultimately collect enough money to purchase a large format scanner and printer to handle, at a minimum, 11X 14 paper.  

For those of you are able, and willing, even a dollar a month would be appreciated.   You will even get a piece of autographed original art for that donation, sent right to the address you specify!  As for you others who simply want to drop in for a quick, free, Zap fix – and are short on funds, like myself – no problem.   I understand what being on a tight budget is all about.


My main purpose for this site is to spread the exploits of Zappy, not make a buck. Therefore, all that really matters is you keep coming back to read every week.  Those of you willing to support the arts, so to speak, would be a bonus. 

Thanks to everyone for coming back here on a regular fashion – I appreciate for your support!

Steve B.


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