The Weekly Chapters Of The Awesome Zap-Man!




Over 40 years ago I was struck by lightning.  The power of it drove me to my knees and I think I blacked out for a few months (well, maybe just walking around in a daze), and ultimately I knew that I had been changed forever.

Ok, the “lightning” I refer to was when I created the hero Zap-Man while I was in grade school, drawing the tongue-in-cheek adventures on ruled notebook paper and shared with my classmates.  I really can’t say what caused me to want to draw the adventures of this noseless guy, just that it seemed the thing to do.  I continued to draw his adventures all through high school, and even self-published eight issues of his heroic antics in the 1980’s.

But my Zap-Man, like my dreams, has refused to die, and now that the computer age is here I am going to continue his adventures for as long as I can.  Once a week I will publish another small chapter of the life of Frinin Paznam (aka Zap-Man), while at the same time adding some commentary on my blog about, well, a variety of things.

This web comic has not officially started, so anyone reading this should not get disappointed if they don’t see much happening for a month or two.  As they say, this site is under construction, so please pardon our dust.

Please check back periodically.  When the chapters do start, it will be a wild ride!

Steve B.


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